Since 1981, DAKRIM has provided rapid, comprehensive solutions in high quality RIM polyurethane and plastic parts, high precision machined parts, complete assemblies as well as full turnkey projects

DAKRIM has developed several unique technologies and products for its customers using significant grants from governmental innovation funds and is in the process of registering patents on a number of them.

DAKRIM is certified to ISO 9001:2015, AS9100D, and ISO13485.

Our head office in Rishon Letzion is home to some 70 employees.

The 55 employees in our reactive injection molding (RIM) facilities are also located in Rishon Lezion.

The recently opened facility in Kiryat Gat, Israel is our largest so far and will include CNC capabilities, a large quality control area, mechanical assembly lines for large assembly projects and a painting division that will allow us to reduce manufacturing time and satisfy our customers’ needs.

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    DAKRIM is able to combine and execute complex projects using multiple technologies.
    DAKRIM is able to manufacture in-house, from the smallest components to large covers. DAKRIM provides customers with comprehensive solutions for even the largest manufacturing and assembly orders
    DAKRIM’ RIM technology PU injection facility, injection molding plant, extensive CNC machining capabilities, together with support for R&D and complete assembly lines, means that Dakrim is uniquely capable of simultaneously supporting diverse requirements for multiple customers.
    The Dakrim Team has extensive expertise and technological knowledge honed and developed over the years.  Our experienced engineers are available to support you at any stage of your product’s development.
    DAKRIM ability to make changes “on the move”, together with its multiple production technologies, makes Dakrim extremely flexible so that it can accurately respond to the customer’s needs in multiple areas, including: engineering, project management, responsiveness, on-time deliveries and more.


  • Dakrim multi-technology capability allows production optimization to reduce costs and provide best product results
    Technology >>> Optimization >>> Solution